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October 1, 2013
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It had been just a few days after I got here, it was a nice school and everything.  All the buildings seemed pretty new, but that wasn’t too hard for this school to accomplish.  This University was a university of magic!  I was studying to become I magician in my four years here.  Why a magician? Because I want to use magic to bring entertainment and smiles to people of course!  Sure you can do it the old fashioned way with sleight of hand and misdirection, but this way I can do more for the people.  Spellbound University of Magic and Arts is a very prestigious college to get into and is mostly hidden away from most college fairs because of their strict guidelines of finding students, and the only thing more strict than most of the teachers is the rules that we must follow.  Well, my names Steve and It’s already been two weeks since school has started, and right now my potions 100 is not going too well…

“Steve!” my heavily European accented teacher had called to me after reviewing my latest creation “This is borderline shit” he said putting my vile full of potion on the table “I’m not just cursing, I mean it’s about one ingredient away from literally becoming a vile full of shit!”  he showed me my lack luster insomnia potion, which was a project that I really shouldn’t have messed up on.

“Sorry” I said to him “Half of those ingredients look the exact same!” pointing to the ingredients cabinet, aka the abnormally large spice rack of magic.  “And nothing’s labeled!” Which was true, but we were expected to know all of these ingredients ourselves… which was a little hard for someone growing up outside of the ‘magic countries’ in Europe, Russia, and Asia.

“Steve, these are the easiest ingredients to distinguish from the others, and the point of this exercise is to give you experience with potions and to help you out when you need to pull your all-nighters for your other classes.”

“Well I still wish these were labeled, you can’t expect me to know thirty different types of small chopped up leaves!” I said talking about how nearly every one of those spices look exactly the same.

“Yes, I know. It’s harder for those who’ve grown up in America to know the difference of all these magic items. Especially with all your distraction like your so called Fisher-Net, and reality talk shows with your televisions. But please try to work harder knowing you’re going to be farther behind that of the other students Steve” by this time he handed me a vile of a real insomnia potion and a bag of the EXACT ingredients I need to complete the potion “Now please try again. And familiarize yourself with the ingredients!” He said then leaving the classroom after the rest of the students had long since been gone.


Walking to my dorm after classes was always a fun experience after every day.  There were little birds in the trees and rodents on the ground. I always got to see them up close before they usually scampered or fluttered away, but today I had seen a small white rabbit on the trail picking at some grass. It was really cute and adorable and I immediately loved it!  I silently walked towards it and grabbed some of the herbs from the bag I was carrying.  I slowly put my hand forward and let the small rabbit slowly hop to me.  It was so cute as it started nibbling the little leaves out of my hand.  I smiled while it was eating, but soon it ran out of leaves and it hopped away.  I smiled as I walked to my dorm not knowing the little bunny was hopping behind me.  I noticed it as I opened the door and saw it behind me.

“I’m sorry…” I said in the same way one would talk to a puppy “You can’t come in… you belong out here!” I closed the door feeling a little sad I kept the bunny out of the building “It was so cute…” I said walking to my room and opening the door to my room.  My warlock roomy already inside, while playing with some fire on his bed… like a dumbass… “Hey Pete…” I said a little reluctantly to him.  His name was some Albanian confusing thing, but I just called him Pete.

“Hey Steve” my Albanian roomy said making the fire dance between his fingers “How was your potions?” he said disinterested, but wanted conversation.

“Horrible!” I said still pissed off “Freaking leaves are literally impossible to tell apart!” tossing the bag of leaves onto my bed, without them spilling out.

“Haha! Americans.” He said flicking out the fire from his fingers “Want me to teach you? They’re not hard at all”

“No…” I said not wanting help from him “I’ll be fine… I think”

It was fairly silent from that point on.  He was practicing his fire magic, and I was trying to put together the potion again. This time I got it mostly correct… you won’t be able to sleep… but you’ll still be tired as all hell… I learned that one from being forced to stay up all night while just wanting to go to bed.  This is reason why potions class is the worst class possible.


I was finally able to fall asleep during my first class, so I learned absolutely nothing today.  After classes I was walking back to the dorm, just wanting to go to bed before I saw the bunny next to the dorm building again. “Daww… you still here?” I talked to the bunny again “I’m sorry… I don’t have any food for you… but… I do have some in my dorm…” I knew I had some little herbs left over from potions class “There’s a strict no pet policy, but you should be fine for a few hours” I said picking it up carefully and bringing it into my dorm.

“Hey, what’s that?” my roomy said pointing to the rabbit in my hands

“Just a little guy I found outside” I said setting him down on my bed

“You know there’s a no pet policy? And you haven’t completed Pets 240 so you can’t have on in the room”

“Yea yea, it’s just for a bit” I said giving the rabbit the last bit of herbs

“Ok, you know I’ll get in trouble too right?” he said a little angry at me

“Yea” I said letting the rabbit nibble more herbs up “so don’t tell anybody”

“Pfft… whatever” he said  “Just make sure it’s gone by the time we go to bed”

“alright alright” not intending to let it go until tomorrow “but it’s cute though!”

It was another quite rest of the day as I put a towel on the ground and let the rabbit sleep. I got ready for bed and immediately fell asleep.  


I woke up to a knock on my door rather than my usual alarm.  Which was strange because that usually only happens if my roommate forgot the key. “I’m up…” I said before getting my robe and getting out of bed and smiling at the little bunny asleep on my floor.  Opening the door I was met with the disapproving look of one of my professors. “Oh… hey there Mr. Schuster, what brings you here?”

“That” he said pointing to the small bunny on the ground, before going over and picking up the tower with the rabbit on it “You know of the strict pet policy? And are aware that you have not completed Pets 240?”

“Uh... yes?” drawing a blank on how to get out of this

“Do you have anything to say for yourself?” he asked me with a serious and angry look

“Uh… well… it was just cute! And it’s not hurting anything! It doesn’t make noise and I’d clean up after it!” I tried to tell him that there was no harm in it and it was fine, but he wouldn’t listen

“Steve, we have ZERO tolerance for rule breaking on this university. Now, are you free for detention at 11:00 am?”

“No” I said “I have a class”

“Then at 3?”

“Basic Spells”

“At 7?” he asked trying to get a time from me

“Potions… is there another time? How long do they last?”

“They are supposed to last several hours and be taken on multiple days, but I see you are a very busy student. Come to my office before your first class starts and I will give you your punishment”

“yes sir…” I said as he walked off with my rabbit.  I then got ready for my day and walked across campus to the professor’s office. He was another potions professor but he taught a more advanced class than mine.  I walked to the door and knocked, and I saw a huge jumbled mess of an office.  Random potions lying around, papers, who knows what kind of goo was trying to escape out of his filing cabinet.

“Hello Steve, glad you could make it. I know you have a hard time finding time for detention. So I asked the headmaster for an appropriate punishment for the rule that you’ve broken.” He puts a small vial on the table “Drink this”

“Uhm… what is it?” not knowing what it would do to me

“It’s your punishment for the rule you’ve broken. Drink it now or I’ll add this ingredient to it” He said holding a small green string above the vial “and trust me, you don’t want this in there”

“Y-yes sir…” I said taking the vile and pouring the brown, purple, and very disgusting potion into my mouth “Ugh! That’s disgusting! What is it!?”

“It’s a potion to teach you a lesson Steve” he said as I started to feel funny “You thought you could get away with having a pet bunny here eh? Well we made sure to let the punishment fit the crime”

“Wait, what did that do!?” I said as I saw short white hair starting to rapidly cover my arms. Giving me white fur that is spreading across my body

“I told you, a punishment to fit your crime.” He said as my hands turn more paw like in structure but keeping my thumb and fingers intact.  I now had four fingers on each hand instead of five and soft pink paw-pads on the underside of them.  “And you’re going to stay like this until the rest of the year” still talking as my ears grew longer and longer and moved to the top of my head; they grew fur and started picking up more sounds.  I now had big bunny ears.

“Wait! Please! Stop it!” I said now able to see my ears hanging down, I suddenly felt a ‘pop’ at my backside as a cute little bunny tail emerged from the back of my shorts.

“I’m sorry, here. Let me get the message that the headmaster sent me” he said picking up a piece of paper from his desk. “I think it would be most fitting for the young student that harbored a small rabbit to become a bunny himself.  Not all the way of course, just an anthro bunny would be suitable I think.  And for the rest of the year, this student shall be Bunny Bound” While he was reading I felt my legs start changing to accommodate larger feet and paws.  Luckily it didn’t hurt to feel my bones rearrange and grind together, but it did feel extremely uncomfortable and awkward to say the least.  I started to say something but soon felt my face push out and change. I got a small black nose at the end of my muzzle and it was complete… I thought “PS” he continued “Give him pink hair for some extra fun” I looked up and noticed my regular hair had turned colors into pinkish purple

“Oh come on!” I said getting up, standing a little uneasy on my new legs “This is embarrassing!”

“Yes, that’s the point Steve” he put the paper down and disposed of the vial “Now hop along to your class” he said giving me a sly smirk

“Urg… Yes professor…” I said walking out of his office “This sucks” now talking to myself “How am I supposed to be taken seriously in any of my classes now!?” now walking to my first class of the day


I walked into my charms class and tried to act as natural as I could, but that was next to impossible.

“Hey!” a kid sitting next to me was talking to me “What happened to you?” other kids leaned forward and listened in

“I uh… I broke the ‘no pet rule’ with a rabbit…” I ashamedly said to an almost immediate round of roaring laughter “yea, thanks guys” withdrawing into my seat.

It didn’t take long until class started and the teacher saw me and knew it was a punishment of some kind; he snickered and just began teaching. Making us write notes on what did what, and why something was meaningful to someone. This was always a more boring class to attend. And I was quickly falling asleep trying to write notes on how a rare charm called Forgewood would allow one to blah blah blah… sleep…

“STEVE!” I was startled awake by the teacher “Now tell me what casting an Ezexens spell would cause?”

I was screwed “uh……..” I said looking at the board for something that would tell me what it would do “I dunno”

“Ugh… Ezexens!” he said casting it on me, where all of my fur and hair stands on end “Usually it only affects hair… but you’re covered in fur so you’re a better target Steve, sorry about that” he said going back to class while I had to try to get rid of all this static charge in my fur with some more snickers coming from my classmates.

Soon the class is over and I go and eat some much needed lunch.  I get my food and sit down with a bunch of people looking at me. It’s not uncommon to see something strange at a school of magic, but a student like this is a little bit out of the ordinary only two weeks in.

“Hey, bunny boy!” a guy sat down next to me “What did you do?  Piss off a witch?”

“No! I uh… broke the no pet policy with a bunny…” I said still ashamed of it

“Oh, I thought you were hitting on a witch. Made sense that a guy hitting on a hot girl would be turned into a rabbit” he laughed at his own joke

“Yea….” I said “No... That didn’t happen”

“Oh well, at least you know when it’s gonna end right?”

“At the end of the year…” my ears drooping down a little

“Oooo… damn, sorry to hear about that. Good luck though!” he said as he continued eating “Oh! And being a cute bunny might help you with the ladies! Just say’n!”

I started blushing from that comment, but I tried to keep my composure and just finish eating. Luckily being a bunny boy didn’t interfere with my taste buds at all… though I might have gotten a little more lettuce on my burger than usual.


My basic spells class was pretty easygoing, and throughout the day I found some people were intrigued and interested in me.  I was different and stood out, so others took notice of me and even wanted to sit next to me at the tables.  I actually showed I wasn’t too bad at basic spells and was able to do better in class than most of the others.  Something an American like me isn’t that used to doing with a bunch of people that grew up with magic.  

I met a nice girl named Alice that I talked to for a while after class, she thought bunnies were cute and liked me looking like this.  And… while it was embarrassing to admit it, I loved the way she pet my fur with her soft hand. I think I might be in love actually.

But eventually I had to leave Alice and go to potions class.  While there I smelled a very very strong scent from the corner of the room.  It was the ‘spice rack of magic’ giving so many smells it nearly floored me as I walked into the room.

“Ugh…” I held my nose “What’s that smell!?”

The teacher looked at me “Oh, I thought I recognize Schuster’s work” he said to me “And that smell is probably all the ingredients in the cabinet.  You have a stronger nose now you know!”

Still holding my nose “I don’t know if I can get used to this…”

“Oh nonsense, in fact, this might just be the way to get you familiar with all the ingredients!” he got some of the ingredients and put it on the table “You know that smell is the most associated with memory.  So smell this” he unscrewed the lid and held the container of leaves to my nose.

“It uh…” I uncovered my nose “it’s… alright… smells interesting”

“That’s Thornroot, useful for making spells last longer than without it”

“alright” I said before he shoved another container to my nose “uh… smells different”

“Not to me it doesn’t. but this is a Thornbranch! Used for shorter term potions!”

“Wow! So I can finally tell them apart!?”

“Yes!” he said “come after class and I’ll see if I can get you more used to these, but for now sit down and get ready for class.  I’m going to use you as an example later for a transformative potion. But any we make in here will last two minutes at most”

“Yes sir” I said sitting down, smelling all the magical ingredients “well, being a bunny is useful for something I guess!”

Talking to myself in my head “I… I might just ask Professor Schuster to make it permanent”
Just a story i wrote :3
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